“I Rediscoved God’s Love”: Ellie Holcomb’s Journey Through Motherhood

A renowned singer and author, Ellie Holcomb shares how motherhood has profoundly transformed her understanding of life and God’s unconditional love.

As a mother of three young children, Holcomb has penned three children’s books, each accompanied by an EP of original music.

She recently expanded her creative repertoire with two new projects for adults: a Psalms-based album titled “All of My Days” and an expanded edition of her bestselling devotional, “Fighting Words.”

Before embracing motherhood, Holcomb toured full-time with her husband’s band, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors.

“Seeing the world through my children’s eyes makes everything feel new and fresh,” she told Crosswalk Headlines. “It’s been incredibly revitalizing for me as an adult.”

Holcomb reflects that motherhood has given her a deeper perspective on God’s love and grace.

“We are, above all, beloved sons and daughters of the highest God,” she shared. “Being a mom reminds me that I’m first God’s daughter. He will take care of me and my kids. It’s liberating to know we are all just God’s children, finding our way back home.”

This newfound perspective has also influenced how she views her relationship with her children.

“I don’t want my children to feel pressured to get everything right. They can come to me as they are,” Holcomb said. “This realization has given me the freedom to approach God just as I am.”

Holcomb’s expanded devotional, “Fighting Words,” now includes ten new devotionals featuring her “lifer verses,” providing even more insight and inspiration.

Her album “All of My Days” originated from Instagram, where she posted a different Psalm set to music each week, responding to fans’ requests to record these songs.

Holcomb reflected on her upbringing: “I grew up in the church not knowing it was okay not to be okay. Reading David’s story showed me it’s alright to come to God raw, with all my emotions.”

“To sing these words and invite others to do the same is a joy,” she said. “For those who struggle with memorizing Scripture, singing these Psalms can be a powerful way to internalize them.”

“These Psalms have shaped who I am and are songs I sing over my children regularly,” she concluded.

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