“He’s Wrong”: Trump Rejects Franklin Graham’s Request to Stop Swearing in Speeches

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has publicly declined a request from influential evangelist Franklin Graham to avoid using profanity in his speeches, despite acknowledging some efforts to heed the advice.

Speaking to his supporters at a Philadelphia rally, Trump reminisced about receiving a letter from Graham, the head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In the letter, Graham praised Trump’s oratory skills but suggested they could be enhanced by omitting foul language. Trump’s response to the crowd was clear: “he’s wrong.”

Despite his refusal, Trump admitted to striving toward cleaner language, particularly noting the challenge during his lengthy speeches.

“I have been working so hard,” Trump declared, pointing out the occasional slip during his multi-hour addresses. He humorously bargained for allowance of just “one or two words” to emphasize his points more effectively.

At a separate event earlier in the day, the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference in Washington, D.C., Trump boasted about his restraint: “I was really good. I didn’t interject. It could have been better if I used a couple of bad words.”

The controversy over his language choice surfaced as Trump discussed broader political commitments, including a pledge to counteract President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

He creatively skirted complete profanity, referencing Graham’s influence as he critiqued Biden’s actions.

Trump’s comments at the rally briefly veered into an appreciation of Graham’s support despite the evangelist’s neutral stance on endorsements.

Graham, who has occasionally defended Trump, has maintained a distinction between supporting policies and campaigning for individuals.

In a robust endorsement of Trump’s presidency, Graham credited him with significant national and international achievements, from economic boosts to bold foreign policy moves.

He also voiced concerns over what he perceives as politically driven attacks against Trump, asserting a manipulation of public opinion by media and political adversaries, highlighting the high stakes as Trump eyes a potential return to power.

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