“God Chose Me”: Messi Unveils the Heavenly Secret to His Football Success

Lionel Messi, a titan of the football world, recently revealed a profound belief that his unparalleled skills were divinely bestowed upon him.

During a heartfelt discussion on the Argentinian podcast ‘Clank,’ Messi shared his conviction that his remarkable talent was a gift from above.

“I was born this way because God chose me,” Messi confided to host Juan Pablo Varsky.

The football star reflected on his journey, stating, “It was a gift from God. I’ve strived to fully utilize it, squeezing every bit of potential out of the talent I had from a young age.”

Despite the public not being fully aware of Messi’s faith, he frequently acknowledges God’s role in his life and career, particularly in pivotal moments.

Following his triumph at the World Cup last year, Messi openly discussed his spiritual pleas for victory, aiming to complete his journey with the Argentina national team.

“I’ve always turned to God in everything in life, especially in that crucial moment,” Messi expressed.

He elaborated on his deep predestination, feeling a unique divine plan unfolding toward his career’s twilight.

Grateful, Messi acknowledges his blessings daily, “I thank God every day for everything he’s given me. I couldn’t ask for more, as I owe all I have to Him.”

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