Former Vicar Charged with Historical Child Sexual Abuse

In a disturbing revelation from East Sussex, a former vicar has been formally accused of sexually abusing a child during the late 1990s.

Ifor Whittaker, 80, known as Father Colin Pritchard at the time of the incidents, served at St John The Baptist Church in Sedlescombe.

The allegations involve gross acts of indecency and rape against a boy who was under the age of 14 at the time.

Authorities have scheduled Whittaker’s court appearance for June 10, where he will face these serious charges.

Sussex Police confirmed that Whittaker, now held in custody, will answer to the accusations in a court yet to be decided.

The alleged victim, who was just a child during the period of the claimed abuse, has now reached his 30s.

This case reopens wounds of past abuses allegedly linked to clerical authorities, casting a shadow over a community once shepherded by Whittaker.

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