Empty Nest Syndrome for Single Moms: The Story of Lorelie

Lorelie was a single mom to three sons. The second son was a celebrity chef in our country and a friend of my sister. My sister shared how the sons loved their mother.

Even though they were successful, they always find time to spend with her keeping her from getting lonely with that empty nest syndrome for single moms. The sons were described as God-fearing, handsome, and successful.

Her Sons were Diagnosed with Liver Cancer

A few years ago, they were featured on our national news because her eldest son, who by then had stage four liver cancer, married his beloved.

They got married in the hospital. He died a few hours after their wedding. I remember watching the news on TV when my sister said. “Please pray for my friend”. I said, “I know…his brother just died”.

But then she replied, “No, my friend is also diagnosed with stage 2 liver cancer.” I watched how the mother cried as her son wedded in that hospital. I could not describe the sadness I felt knowing that by that moment she knows her other son is also diagnosed with the same illness.

The following year the second son died. My sister was devastated and with a worried look she turned to me, “The youngest son is also diagnosed with stage 1 liver cancer”

My heart was crushed for the mother. In the span of two years, she lost two of her sons and now she was in danger of losing the only son left.

The Strength of the Single Mother

Lorelie and the friends of her sons worked together to raise funds. They planned to bring the son to another country with the most advanced medical treatment and it costs money.

She was determined. Eventually, they were able to raise enough funds and travel to that country.

Unfortunately, after a few tests, it was found that it was not stage 1 but stage 4 cancer. Even the most advanced medicine cannot save Lorelie’s last son.

“We praise you God, we glorify you God. Thank You Lord for each wonderful day,” Lorelie spoke in tears as her last son rests his head on her shoulders. 

“We will continue to fight because we have a big God.” She held her son tightly. She was in pain, but she spoke of never-ending praise to God.

I admired her strength.

Finding Yourself After the Empty Nest

Her last son died. She said between tears, “I prayed to God and begged Him, to give this last son to me”. But God did not. “In the Bible, it is said that we will all vanish from this earth.” She said, “The most important thing is eternal life. We are tested. Until when are we willing to fight for God?”

I was in awe that despite the unbearable losses, her demeanor was hopeful. She shared, 

“One of my sons said we are blessed because God gave us time to ask for forgiveness.” She continued, “They were given a chance to be forgiven and though it is painful for me, I know they are happy now.”

Finding yourself after the empty nest must be difficult. It is more difficult when you know your child will never be able to even visit you. 

You go home in an empty house that was once filled with voices and laughter and now you have no choice but to move forward and start new. The road to finding yourself will not be easy but know that You can call on God to fill that void.

One can only imagine the pain that Lorelie felt. Yet she chose to cling on to God and found herself thanking God that even for a short period of time, she was allowed to spend it with her sons.

God and healing Empty Nest Syndrome for Single Moms

The pain of Lorelie is beyond bearable but her love for God sustained her heart and soul. She said, “I will just wait for my time to come and I can be with my sons”.

In the Bible, we see many ‘empty nest quotes’ that God uses in healing the empty nest syndrome for single moms. 

As the bible said:

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.”

Psalm 55:22

Lorelie may be alone, but with God in her heart, she will never be empty.

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