Divine Intervention at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church

In a Sunday service that turned from peaceful worship to tense confrontation, a Pennsylvania church witnessed a dramatic incident when a man brandished a firearm during a sermon. The church, Jesus’ Dwelling Place in North Braddock, became the unlikely stage for an act that tested faith and fortitude.

Pastor Glenn Germany was delivering his sermon when 26-year-old Bernard Polite, from nearby Braddock, disrupted the gathering by pointing a gun at him. Recounting the harrowing moment, Pastor Germany expressed his disbelief and relief, “I was like, this is not happening.” Miraculously, the gun jammed, an event Pastor Germany attributes to divine intervention: “I thank God because only God stopped and jammed this gun.”

The crisis was averted thanks to the bravery of Deacon Clarence McCallister, who quickly tackled the gunman to the ground. Reflecting on his prompt action, McCallister said, “There’s something that needs to be done, and I jumped up and handled my business.” His courageous response earned him the accolade of a hero from Pastor Germany and the church community.

The aftermath of the incident saw Polite facing serious charges, including aggravated assault and attempted homicide. While in custody, an interaction between Polite and Pastor Germany revealed the troubled state of the assailant. “This guy was just dealing with spirits,” Pastor Germany remarked, indicating the deeper issues at play. Polite even offered a cryptic apology to the pastor, saying, “He said you ducked a taco today…and I guess that’s slang for you ducked a bullet.”

Despite the shock and ongoing police investigations, Pastor Germany found it in his heart to forgive Polite. The emotional toll was particularly heavy concerning his daughter, who witnessed the ordeal. “The thing that hurts me the most and brings tears to my eyes because I couldn’t watch my daughter break down…that’s the part that’s hard for me to digest,” he shared.

This distressing event has underscored the pressing issues of mental illness for Pastor Germany, who now seeks to address these challenges more openly with his parishioners. Meanwhile, the Allegheny County Police are piecing together another disturbing puzzle—a related shooting at Polite’s residence where a man was found dead, with the victim’s identity and Polite’s involvement still under scrutiny.

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