Choosing Faith Over Fame: Tasha Layton’s Journey from Pop-Backing Vocals to Gospel Music

Tasha Layton, once a backup singer for pop sensation Katy Perry, has chosen a different path that aligns with her faith, transitioning into contemporary Christian music.

In a revealing interview with CBN News, the 41-year-old artist spoke about her spiritual journey and the decisions that shaped her career. Layton’s story is about patience and perseverance, learning to trust her faith’s subtle yet profound guidance.

“Before I ventured into my solo career, I faced years of uncertainty about God’s plan for me,” she explained. The journey wasn’t clear at the outset, but Layton learned to trust that each step was part of a divine design.

Reflecting on her past, Layton recognizes God’s hand in her life’s direction and urges others to trust that guidance. Her faith, she notes, has been crucial in navigating the complexities and challenges of the Christian music scene.

The industry can be exhausting and full of temptations to lose oneself. “It’s easy to succumb to burnout or to let others define you,” Layton remarked, stressing the importance of steadfast faith in her identity and mission.

Her pivotal moment came after years of touring internationally with Perry. Offered a chance to continue in secular music, Layton felt a compelling call to pursue Christian music—a path she believed aligned more with her values and spiritual goals.

Rejecting the secular music offer was easy for Layton, who was driven to use her music to connect others with God authentically and wholeheartedly. “I couldn’t fully commit to that route without compromising my integrity,” she said.

Now, living out her dream and the prayers she uttered as a teenager, Layton finds profound fulfillment in her work. Citing Matthew 16:26, she reflects on the spiritual risks of worldly success, emphasizing the more profound satisfaction of spiritual commitment.

Layton believes it’s never too late to follow your calling. Starting her true path in her mid-thirties, she considers herself a “late bloomer” in the industry, yet her story stands as a testament to the power of faith and the courage to follow one’s heart.

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