Former Atheist Finds Faith at Largest-Ever Baptism Event in California

In a remarkable display of faith, California witnessed a historic mass baptism event this Pentecost weekend, setting a new record for the most significant group baptism in the United States.

Churches throughout the state joined forces under the “Baptize California” initiative, culminating in a staggering 12,000 individuals being baptized, with a significant gathering of 6,000 at the campaign’s hub in Huntington Beach.

“This event is a spark for what’s possible across the nation,” exclaimed Pastor Mark Francey, the visionary behind the initiative. He shared his enthusiasm with CBN News, proclaiming, “If God can ignite such a movement in California, it’s bound to ripple through America.”

The event lasted two days and featured worship sessions and spiritual messages along the scenic shores of Huntington Beach. Among the throngs of participants, one remarkable story emerged—a self-identified Satanist turned to Christianity and was baptized on the spot, marking a profound personal transformation amid the communal celebration.

Baptize California’s mission extends beyond baptism. It aims to nurture new believers into disciples through the support of local churches, fostering a community grounded in faith and fellowship.

This year’s turnout surpassed the previous record set by “Baptize SoCal,” a related event last year. That gathering saw over 280 churches unite, witnessing more than 4,000 baptisms—a record shattered by Pastor Greg Laurie’s subsequent event, which baptized another 4,500 souls at Pirates Cove.

Driven by a divine calling, Pastor Francey is determined to expand this baptism movement nationwide. “Our goal is to unify churches across the country and keep this spiritual awakening surging,” he told CBN News.

With plans already set for the next grand event on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2025, the momentum of “Baptize California” shows no signs of waning. It promises to reach new heights in fostering a unified spiritual resurgence across America.

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